Hallo, Hejsan and Hello –

I am a visual design generalist (digital/analog/2d/3d/code) living and working in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.

Capable to develop and deliver design solutions for digital/online use-cases as well as for haptic experiences [like printed matters], my work evolves by passing three simple phases:
I am native with Adobe’s Creative Suite, can handle Cinema 4D and After Effects and code HTML/CSS/jQuery/SVN fluently. Besides that, I hold a diploma in Communication Design of the University Of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.

During the past 5 years I worked for various clients as a freelancer, and contributed as a Senior Designer to the mission of Graebert GmbH in becoming the leading developer of CAD Software for Desktop, Mobile and Cloud, as well as to the success of the young furniture start-up Hem (now co-owned by Vitra) to bring stunning contemporary furniture into more people’s homes.

I am currently looking for new challenges and projects to be taken on, so if you like to talk about an interesting project of yours, please feel free to drop a line and I shall come right back to you.

Portfolio is available on request only.